A delegation of lecturers and students from La Croix Rouge (France) visited and interacted with BCTech

Date Submitted: 27/02/2024

On February 26, a delegation of lecturers and students from La Croix Rouge (Brest, France) visited and worked with Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology (BCTech).

Here, a delegation of lecturers and students from the French Republic led by Prof. Philippe Durant, the leader of the delegation, visited the system of facilities and equipment serving vocational training, as well as learned about the school’s training models.

A delegation of lecturers and students from La Croix Rouge La Salle (Brest, France) visited and learned about the vocational training model at BCTech

Ms. Truong Huynh Nhu, Principal of BCTech said: This is one of the prestigious training facilities, providing thousands of high-quality human resources for the domestic and foreign labor market in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Southeast economic region as well as meeting the needs of the international labor market.

Currently, the school is enrolling and training 12 college-level occupations and 14 intermediate-level occupations. In particular, some of the school’s key fields always attract learners, ensure output quality as well as meet the requirements of employers and businesses that require high professional skills. We can mention professions such as: Industrial Electricity, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineering, Mechatronics, Automotive Technology, Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing, Mold Manufacturing, Information Technology.

With the parallel training method associated with businesses, BCTech students are comprehensively developed in terms of professional skills, working style, and corporate culture right from the time they are studying at school. Therefore, most students and graduates have jobs, and many excellent students of the school have key positions at businesses.

As for La Croix Rouge School, Professor. Philippe Durant said: This is a Catholic education system whose educational methods follow the principles of Jean – Baptiste de La Salle and belongs to the international network of Lasallian schools. The school is located in the center of Brest city, with models of educational activities at all levels from kindergarten, elementary school, high school and especially vocational schools.

La Croix Rouge’s goal is to help every student succeed so that each of them can find their place in the world of work. In recent years, the school has actively promoted cooperation programs with countries around the world, organizing cultural exchange activities with other countries. The school has cooperation with schools and businesses abroad, many of the school’s students have experience working abroad. La Croix Rouge School always welcomes foreign students to study, constantly developing an ever-growing educational community.

Based on the advantages from both sides, BCTech and La Croix Rouge have come to a memorandum of cooperation, strengthening friendship and mutual understanding in the fields of education, scientific research, technology, culture. chemistry, sports, student and academic exchange.

Accordingly, in the field of education, the two schools will cooperate in training students from Vietnam and France at the partners’ University Research Institutes in educational programs, short-term exchanges and long-term; Joint research includes dual supervision; dual degree programs, in which students earn a diploma and a science degree in two partners; The two sides jointly organize vocational language training and area research programs (internships); Officials and lecturers from both sides participate in joint educational and international projects on equal conditions.

Issues of internships and teacher training for the teaching staff of both organizations at partner schools; exchange of education, teaching methods and related documents; Academic exchange between staff and students of the two schools will also be promoted.

Mr. Philippe Durant – Head of the delegation, representative of La Croix Rouge La Salle school (right) and Ms. Truong Huynh Nhu – Principal of BCTech signed a memorandum of cooperation

In addition to the signing content, La Croix Rouge will introduce BCTech to participate in Eramus+ EU (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students; Eramus +: Eramus Plus). This  is an EU program that provides education, training and sports support to young people in Europe.

Erasmus+ also aims to promote the sustainable development of partners in the higher education sector and contribute to achieving the goals of the EU Youth Strategy. Erasmus+ helps organize the exchange of students and PhDs within countries participating in the Erasmus+ Program and from partner countries.

In Vietnam, many students have been awarded full international scholarships under the Eramus+ program.

The program brings many benefits and opportunities to interact and exchange international students, and to support scholarship programs for teachers and students, Vietnamese students in general and BCTech in particular.

Students of the two schools exchanged at the Minh Dam mountain historical relic site

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