1. Department leader

  • M.S. Tran Quoc Tuan

  • Head of department

  • tuantq@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0986413366

  • B.A. Le Thi Thu Thuy

  • Deputy head of department

  • thuyltt@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0937171777

2. Functions

The Organization and Administration Department has the function of advising and assisting the Rector on the organization of the apparatus, personnel, labor and salary, administration, planning, synthesis, internal affairs management and emulation work. , commendation and discipline of the School.

3. Mission

– Advise and assist the Board of Directors in developing and implementing the organizational structure plan throughout the University. To act as the focal point for research and formulation of projects on the establishment, merger, and dissolution of the university’s organizations.

– To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other units in, building and implementing the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the units in the University.

– Coordinate with relevant units in formulating, amending, supplementing, promulgating or abolishing regulations, rules and regulations of the University to ensure the proper implementation of the Party’s policies, State laws and in accordance with the law. in accordance with the organizational structure of the University.

– Help the Principal organize, guide, urge and inspect the implementation of legal documents of the State and the University on the organization of cadres, civil servants and public employees.

– Advising, presiding over, developing and submitting to the Rector for approval the strategy, master plan and development plan for the management staff, lecturers and school official.

– Advise the Rector and implement the order and procedures for appointment, re-appointment, dismissal, resignation, rotation of leadership and management positions; Transferring jobs, terminating labor contracts, rotating and severing employees of units under the University in accordance with regulations.

– To assume the prime responsibility for organizing the process of formulating planning plans and fostering faculty, departmental and equivalent level staff to meet the development needs of the University; assisting the Board of Directors in implementing the University’s leadership planning process.

– To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with units in, assessing and classifying civil servants, public employees and employees; emulation and commendation work annually according to regulations; manage, monitor and summarize the observance of labor discipline; strictly implement the process of disciplining officers and employees.

– To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with units in, planning and implementing the recruitment of officials and employees; organize the recruitment or selection examination for public employees, sign working contracts, labor contracts, visiting lecturer contracts; carry out procedures for termination of work contracts and labor contracts; managing cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees; management of records and résumés of staff; monitor and carry out procedures for sending public employees to study, work, go on private business trips at home and abroad, receive public employees to study or work, and continue working in accordance with regulations.

– To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant units in, organizing the formulation and management of labor norms, wages, labor and salary regimes and policies; announce and organize the exam for job change, salary increase, seniority allowance for teachers, consideration of difficulty allowance, confirmation of working seniority and other related regimes for officials, public employees and employees. motion.

– Manage the work of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for employees; handle social insurance, health insurance, retirement, survivorship, unpaid leave,…

– Carrying out internal political protection work; verifying and verifying records of officials and employees; participate in proposing to settle cases related to internal political security; assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other units in, transparency of assets and income according to regulations, and prevention of corruption and wastefulness.

– Standing on the staff recruitment council, salary council, employee discipline council, emulation and commendation council.

– Coordinate with relevant units to handle complaints and denunciations related to officials and employees within the University.

– Carry out procedures for officials, employees performing military service and other irregular labor at the request of the University and the locality.

– Planning the work of the Board of Directors; arrange a schedule to receive officials, employees and employees in the School of the Board of Directors; preside over the development of the contents of regular and extraordinary meetings of the University.

– Synthesize and prepare programs and work plans of the University to submit to the Rector for approval; monitor and urge units to implement programs and plans and report the situation to the Rector.

– Presiding over the work of synthesizing information of the University, making preliminary, final, quarterly, semester and school year reports of the University; make statistical reports and schedules at the request of superiors and the University; urge the units to properly comply with the reporting contents and deadlines.

– To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other units in, urging and inspecting the implementation of the Working Regulations and other regulations promulgated by the University.

– Preside over, coordinate with relevant units to organize conferences and events of the University according to assigned tasks.

– To act as the focal point to collect and process information of the University for organizations and individuals according to the provisions of law and the request of the Board of Directors; promptly report to the Board of Directors to handle other unscheduled tasks.

– Coordinating with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Student Affairs, students arrange a schedule to welcome and work with guests of the University. Ensure convenient and thoughtful accommodation, food, transportation for guests during their working time at the University when required and approved by the Board of Directors.

– Perform clerical work, store and keep confidential records and documents according to regulations: receive and process documents to and transfer documents internally within the University and between the University and external agencies; manage and guide units performing administrative, clerical, archival and archival work to ensure all information is smooth and timely; manage and use the school’s seal in accordance with the law.

– Manage the use of introduction papers, travel papers, meeting invitations. Order printing, purchase, distribute and manage all kinds of wall calendars, desk calendars, postage stamps, mailers, envelopes, invitations, newspapers, … at the request of the Board of Directors.

– Organize the drafting of documents, regulations and regulations in the assigned field; carry out the work of making copies, printing and photocopying records, documents and documents in service of the management and administration of the Board of Directors; manage the use of telephone and fax services of the University.

– Manage the Hall-Lecture and the meeting rooms of the School, including the equipment system. Order and manage equipment and tools for the reception for meetings of the Board of Directors, of the School and of other units when permitted by the Board of Directors.

– Managing and operating the school’s use of cars.

– Manage and take care of trees on campus. Implement public hygiene to ensure that the environment is always green, clean and beautiful.

– Presiding over and coordinating with relevant units to organize and manage bidding packages for parking services, canteen services, and space leasing services in the University.

– Perform cleaning work, serving the working rooms of the Secretary of the Party Committee, the President of the School Council, the Board of Directors and meeting rooms and halls directly managed by the Department. Ensure material conditions as prescribed for the Secretary of the Party Committee, the President of the School Council, the Board of Directors.

– Lead and coordinate with the Department of External Relations and Student Affairs, the Finance-Accounting Department, the Equipment and Supplies Administration Department and related units to purchase and distribute gifts and materials. Souvenirs of the School as prescribed.

– Coordinate with the University’s Trade Union, related units and families to carry out funeral procedures when civil servants, officials, employees, students and students of the University die and perform filial piety according to regulations. determined by the School.

– Support the units to draft documents (on the issue of document format); Responsible for drafting contracts between the school and its partners.

– Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.