1. Department leader

  • M.S. Nguyen Thi My Dung

  • Head of department

  • dungntm@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0907187935

  • B.S. Nguyen Van Long

  • Deputy head of department

  • longnv@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0974409518

2. Functions

Advise the Rector on foreign affairs, student and student management.

3. Mission

– Foreign Affairs:

+ Draft guidelines, contents and plans for short-term and long-term foreign cooperation and organize the implementation when approved.

+ Coordinating with the Organization and Administration Department to develop a management plan and carry out procedures for leaving and entering delegations in a timely manner according to international cooperation programs with the University in accordance with current laws.

+ Coordinate with relevant units to organize conferences, seminars, welcome and work with guests at the University in the fields under the management of the University, ensuring political security in accordance with current laws. onion. Record minutes of conferences, seminars, meetings, working and exchanges with foreign guests chaired by the Board of Directors.

+ Actively seek and maintain relationships with domestic and foreign partners; looking for capable and reputable partners and individuals in the field related to the school’s training majors, having goodwill to cooperate with the University, proposing to the Rector to establish a cooperative relationship.

+ Receive, process and store documents and documents related to foreign organizations and individuals under the direction of the Rector.

+ Coordinate with librarians to receive, process and store documents donated and exchanged by domestic and foreign units in cooperation with the University.

+ Introduce jobs for students.

+ Strengthen and develop relationships with businesses to serve the political mission of the school.

+ Report summarizing foreign affairs each semester, each year.

– Organization of educational and propaganda activities

+ Political and ideological education: Educating and propagating for pupils and students to master and strictly implement the guidelines and guidelines of the Party; have ideals, legal knowledge and solid political bravery;

+ Ethical and lifestyle education: Educating and propagating students about the good values ​​and ethical traditions of the Vietnamese nation, the general ethical standards of the society, and professional ethics ; healthy and civilized lifestyle in accordance with national cultural identity; sense of responsibility of the individual towards the collective, the community;

+ Legal education, propaganda and dissemination: Raise awareness and sense of law compliance; live, study and practice according to the law;

+ Create conditions and help students strive and train to be in the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam and participate in mass organizations in the University;

+ Physical education: Organize for students to participate in sports, cultural and artistic activities and foster family and community health care skills.

– Student and student management

+ Coordinating and organizing the reception of successful candidates to study in accordance with regulations;

+ Statistics, data synthesis; manage, store records and handle administrative work related to students;

+ Monitor and evaluate students’ sense of learning and training results; launching and organizing emulation movements, creating conditions for pupils and students to participate in scientific research activities; participate in skill contests at all levels, cultural contests, art shows, sports festivals; supervise the implementation of rules and regulations by students; permanent work of rewarding and disciplining students;

+ Develop plans, organize the inspection and supervision of the implementation of regulations on ensuring security and order, social safety, crime prevention and activities against the Party, State and currency social problems among pupils and students; coordinate with the police and local authorities to take measures to ensure security and order, and deal with cases related to students inside and outside the School;

+ Organize propaganda, dissemination, guidance, monitoring, synthesis and settlement of regimes and policies of the State related to pupils and students;

+ Management of boarding and boarding students: Reviewing, receiving, promulgating and organizing the implementation of regulations on management of boarding students; coordinate with police agencies and local authorities in the management of out-patients and students.

+ Organize political activities at the beginning of the course, at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the course for students. Annually, a dialogue is held between students, students and the School Board of Directors.

+ Coordinating with faculties to assign teachers to act as class leaders and submit them to the Board of Directors for approval or decision.

+ Coordinate with teachers to act as class leaders in managing students and students.

+ Preside over the organization of parent-teacher meetings.

– Support and services for students and students

+ Counseling students, students to build study and training plans suitable to their goals, capacity, and health;

+ Performing social work services in the School; create conditions to help pupils and students who are disabled, policy beneficiaries, students with difficult circumstances and students who need support;

+ Soft skills education, start-up knowledge; fostering knowledge about reproductive health and other necessary complementary knowledge and skills for pupils and students;

+ Information, advice, job recommendation for students;

+ Organize coordination activities between the University and businesses, organizations that employ employees to enhance professional skills training for students in accordance with practical requirements;

+ Implement international cooperation tasks for students.

+ Make reports and statistics on students, students, employment status of students, students after graduation periodically and irregularly at the request of management agencies.