1. Department leader

  • B.S. Hoang Duc Thien

  • Head of department

  • thienhd@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0937566869

  • M.S. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha

  • Deputy head of department

  • hantt@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0932246004

2. Functions

To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with functional departments, faculties and departments in advising and assisting the Board of Directors in performing well the management of finance – accounting, fixed assets, budget capital, non-budget capital and equity capital under the Budget Law.

3. Mission

– Prepare annual and quarterly revenue and expenditure estimates under the direction of the Principal.

– Organize the collection and expenditure of amounts inside and outside the allocated funds.

– Prepare quarterly and annual settlements in accordance with the University’s accounting and financial regulations and regimes.

– Monitor, inspect and guide departments in the School to spend according to regulations, to thrift, to prevent embezzlement and waste.

– Monthly and quarterly do the reconciliation, receipt, payment and settlement with the treasury according to regulations.

– Payment and settlement of expenditures, salaries, allowances for staff, lecturers and scholarships for pupils and students of the University.

– Prepare accounting books according to the accounting procedures and regimes prescribed by the State.

– Quarterly compare and settle the insurance regime for officials and lecturers with social insurance. Keep and manage the financial funds of the University in accordance with the provisions of the Budget Law.

– Coordinating with departments, faculties … in the management and monitoring of all fixed assets and liquidation of assets according to regulations; building a common form for recording and preserving assets throughout the school in a unified regime.

– Monitor finances at units with revenue and expenditure activities to guide and check the opening of books and final settlement reports in accordance with the State regime and the school’s regulations.

– Check and urge the implementation of financial obligations of units and enterprises associated with the school.

– Advising on tuition fees and implementing the collection of tuition fees.

– Lead and coordinate with relevant units to build training unit prices according to orders.

– Manage, exploit, use and periodically update data of accounting software, asset management software.

– Planning, estimation and implementation of programs, target programs, projects, schemes, investment in facilities of the school according to the needs of school development.

– Presiding over, coordinating with units to make estimates for training classes, services … related to the school’s budget.

– Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.