1. Department leader

  • M.S. Tran Van Nham

  • Head of department

  • nhamtv@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0983499281

  • B.S. Le Trung Chau

  • Deputy head of department

  • chault@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0908429890

  • M.S. Vo Van Giang

  • Deputy head of department

  • giangvv@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0918559421

2. Functions

– Advise and propose to the Board of Directors measures to organize, implement, and manage quality assurance and self-inspection and inspection of vocational education activities in schools.

– Organize the implementation of quality assurance and self-inspection and inspection.

– Organize the implementation of school health work.

– Perform testing function.

3. Mission

– Quality Assurance:

+ Organize the development and submit to the Rector for promulgation documents guiding quality assurance work in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and the guidance of the General Department of Vocational Education.

+ Advise the Board of Directors on the school’s strategy, goals and quality policy, together with relevant departments and faculties, to develop processes for evaluating lecturers and controlling teaching activities; act as the focal point to direct the construction, coordinate with departments and faculties to implement plans to overcome, ensure and improve the quality of vocational training of the University.

+ Organizing training and consulting for units in the University on the contents and measures to implement quality assurance conditions according to the system of quality assessment criteria and standards promulgated by the state.

+ Develop a plan and organize the implementation for the units performing the self-accreditation of the quality of vocational training institutions and the accreditation of training programs.

+ Research the criteria and coordinate with the faculty departments to develop the work process and assessment tools: forms of questionnaires, surveys to collect opinions of administrators, teachers, students, graduates, and enterprises about training programs, teaching quality of teachers, improving teaching and learning efficiency, forms and methods of training organization.

+ Develop procedures, plans for investigation and survey. Carrying out surveys and surveys to collect opinions from administrators, teachers, students, graduates, enterprises about training programs and teaching quality of teachers. members, improve teaching and learning effectiveness, and form and method of training organization. Synthesize, make statistics, propose solutions and report to the Principal.

+ Organize the storage of evidence and update the database of the school’s activities to serve the accrediting work.

+ Participate in projects, projects and programs related to the field of Quality Assurance of the University; Coordinate and associate with domestic and foreign schools to exchange information, experience and cooperate in the fields of Quality Assurance of Vocational Training.

+ Implement the accreditation tasks assigned by the School’s Accreditation Council.

+ Supervising activities: teaching, providing equipment and materials for the faculties in accordance with the school’s process and legal regulations and quality assurance.

+ Perform the work of the Graduation Examination Board as assigned by the Graduate Examination Council of the University to ensure objectivity and accuracy.
– Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.

– Self-inspection:

+ Develop and implement plans for inspection and supervision of the entire school’s activities.

+ To plan and preside over the self-inspection of the observance of the law on vocational education.

+ Coordinate with Departments, Departments, Subject groups, Centers to carry out self-examination activities according to the approved plan, report the results and propose to the Board of Directors the contents that need to be adjusted after each inspection. .

+ Unscheduled inspection under the direction of the Principal on school activities.

+ Report on the inspection of the school’s activities to the competent authorities periodically or upon request.

+ Valuation of materials.

+ Check the class activity book of the faculties and summarize the monthly emulation of the school.

– Examination work:

Organizing the exam at the end of the module course: drawing exam questions, multiplying exam questions, managing exam banks, monitoring and supervising exam activities, storing exam papers, exam scores, synthesizing work reports exam.

– School health work:

+ Carry out medical work, hygiene and prevention and initial medical examination and treatment for officials, employees, students, students at the University’s facilities within the capacity and conditions allowed. . When it is beyond the ability of the Health Station to handle, they will refer you to a medical facility outside the University;

+ Develop plans and organize periodical health checks for staff, lecturers, manage health records of officials and lecturers in the University;

+ Inspecting and coordinating with medical facilities of the province in ensuring hygiene and preventing epidemics at all facilities of the University;

+ Monitor and grasp the health status of students, research and propose measures to improve the health of students and students;

+ Examining and dispensing drugs to students (at all facilities) according to the regulations of the Health Insurance of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province;

+ To plan and preside over the implementation of disease prevention and control, ensuring community health.

+ Cooperate with units and organizations of the school to inspect food hygiene and safety at the canteen periodically or irregularly.

– Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.