1. Standing Committee of party committee

  • Comrade Ngo Xuan Khoat

  • Secretary of the Party Committee

  • khoat@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0918004669

  • Comrade Truong Huynh Nhu

  • Deputy Secretary of Party Committee

  • nhuth@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0382001061

  • Comrade Vo Van Thuan

  • Standing committee members

  • thuanvv@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0915632854

2. About the Party Committee

The Party Committee of Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology was established under the Decision No. 593-QD/DUK dated June 16, 2015 of the Party Committee of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. The Party Committee currently has 68 members, of which the Standing Committee has 3 comrades, the Executive Committee has 11 comrades. In the structure of the Executive Committee, which is composed of the School Council, the Management Board, and the leaders of the departments and faculties, it is a favorable condition for the Party organization of the school to well perform the leadership task in all aspects of activities in the direction of leadership of the Party at the top.

Currently, the Party Committee of Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology has 06 affiliated branches with a total of 76 members, including:

– Branch Office Block 1.

– Branch Office Block 2.

– Department of Mechanical Engineering.

– Department of Electrical Engineering.

– Branch of Faculty of Information Technology.

– Department of Basic Theory.