1. Department leader

  • M.S. Nguyen Cong Tam

  • Head of department

  • tamnc@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0918498042

  • M.S. Hua Manh Hai

  • Deputy head of department

  • haihm@bctech.edu.vn

  • 0986128819

2. Functions

The Equipment Administration Department has the function of advising and helping the Rector to plan and implement the organization and management of facilities, procurement, repair, and coordination of equipment and materials for teaching work. teaching, training, scientific research, production according to the provisions of law.

3. Mission

– Manage the school’s facilities (including land, factories, etc.)

– Acting as the focal point for drafting and submitting to the Rector for approval and implementation of the management plan, investment and procurement of equipment and supplies.

– Manage and coordinate means, equipment, and supplies for management, teaching and scientific research in the University to be used most effectively.

– Procurement, management of materials and equipment, allocation of equipment – technical materials to the units according to the plan, according to the procedures and principles of the management of equipment and supplies.

– Coordinate with the Finance-Accounting Department to carry out the annual inventory and liquidation of assets.

– Receive and withdraw tools and items that are perishable and propose liquidation.

– Provide professional guidance on the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies for management and teaching (computers, projectors, microphones, …).

– Make a repair plan and promptly notify about the repair of classrooms and teaching equipment for units in the school.

– Coordinate with departments and individuals to prepare facilities, equipment, and supplies for exams, skill contests, good teacher contests,…

– Presiding over the development of rules, regulations on use and preservation of materials, equipment, works, of the University. Advise the Principal on the distribution of assets, equipment and supplies to the units for use and supervise the management and use of the correct functions, ensuring the effectiveness of those assets at the units.

– Being a permanent member of councils: advising on procurement, repair, maintenance and liquidation of materials and equipment of the University.

– Coordinating with the Finance-Accounting Department and relevant units in the inventory, assessment and liquidation of the University’s supplies and equipment on a regular basis or on an unscheduled request; organize the receipt and handover of equipment and materials formed after investment and put into operation and use.

– Perform the following tasks: Repair, maintain and maintain electrical systems and electrical equipment throughout the school; Management, installation and operation of sound and light systems in classrooms, meeting rooms and halls; Manage and operate generators and fountain systems; Hang banners at establishments on holidays and New Year, replace torn or damaged flags. Repair damaged desks, chairs, equipment in classrooms, working rooms, halls, etc.; Monitor and record readings at electricity and water meters.

– Effectively manage and use labor and assets assigned to serve the Department’s work.

– Presiding over the supervision and planning on implementation of safety and fire prevention.

– Monitor and check to detect property problems to take remedial measures.

– Perform other duties assigned by the Principal.