Awarding certificates to 50 graduates of the vocational skills improvement training course sponsored by Lot 06.1 investors

Date Submitted: 01/10/2023

On September 29, 2023, Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology (BCTech) held the closing ceremony of a high-quality vocational skills improvement training course for students under the sponsorship program of the universities. enterprise. There were 50 students awarded certificates in pipe welding technology – position 6G and industrial electricity.

Ms. Truong Huynh Nhu, Principal of BCTech awarded graduation certificates to the students

Enterprise sponsors $45,000, 100% free training

This is one of the training programs with sponsorship of up to 45 thousand USD from Zarubezhneft EP Vietnam Company and partners in Block 06.1 – Indian Oil and Gas Company ONGC Videsh and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group for BCTech. The program has been implemented since November (2022) and has so far completed the training content, ensuring vocational skill levels meet the standards required by businesses.

These 50 students are excellent candidates, passing the school’s selection rounds out of a total of 91 candidates registered to participate in the entrance exam. In which, the Technology Pipe Welding job – position 6G includes 26 students and the Advanced Industrial Electrical job includes 24 students. Enrollment work has been carried out by the school to ensure objectivity, transparency and achieve the set targets.

Through the screening process, the students have affirmed their abilities. The 50 students awarded this certificate are the high-quality human resource of the enterprise, as well as the brand of the school that is trusted and reputable by businesses to order training.

The training program to improve skills for students of pipe welding technology – 6G position and advanced industrial electricity profession is organized for Vietnamese citizens from 18 to 30 years old, who have graduated or are studying. Final year of College or Intermediate School in the right occupation or with the same training occupation.

Students admitted to this program have 100% tuition waived, and are supported with snacks and refreshments of 2.5 USD/student/school day. After graduating, most students have jobs in the field they were trained in.

Ms. Truong Huynh Nhu presented letters of thanks and congratulatory flowers to the sponsors

With a duration of 400 hours of study, the school has closely followed and focused on specialized skills, as well as advanced skills to meet the actual production technology requirements of businesses. Courses start from February 6, 2023, with a study schedule that combines daytime and evening classes, especially focusing on studying on weekends to create favorable conditions for students to study. You can participate in an advanced program sponsored by Zarubezhneft EP Vietnam Company and work (for students who have graduated from intermediate or college) or continue studying at an intermediate or college program (for students who have graduated from intermediate or college). is a final year student at the school).

100% met standards of professional skills and soft skills

In order to ensure the quality of training, the school has selected lecturers with good professional capacity and pedagogical skills, with a lot of practical work experience to participate in teaching. In particular, fully prepare the conditions for classrooms, supplies, equipment, and facilities to serve students in practice.

The school cooperates with a number of businesses to organize training and arrange internships for students to help students improve their vocational skills and gain access to practical experience; combined with International Limited Liability Company (AMA Vung Tau International Foreign Language Center) to participate in teaching English communication to students. Most students participating in the course have good awareness and actively participate in learning according to the school’s training plan, so they are very confident about their vocational skills and English proficiency.

The courses have been implemented according to the program, plan and agreement in the contract with the Sponsor, in which students have completed the training program and taken the exam at the end of the last module on June 27. /2023.

Representative of Zarubezneft Vietnam awarded certificates to students

In addition to training professional skills for students, the school also implements a training program to improve English proficiency with a duration of 60 class hours. Of which 80% of the training time is to develop basic communication skills in English and 20% of the time is specialized English training. Teaching English to students, students are taught directly by foreign teachers for 50% of the time.

As a result, 100% of students completed the vocational training program. Of these, students ranked Good, Excellent, and Excellent reached 62%.

Representative of Zarubezneft Vietnam awarded certificates to students

At the closing ceremony, the school Board of Directors and sponsor representatives awarded training certificates to 50 students; awarded 11 graduates with Excellent and Excellent grades.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Truong Huynh Nhu, Principal of the school expressed her congratulations to the students who have successfully completed the course; Thank you business partners for your interest, sponsorship and companionship with the school to create human resources with high quality vocational skills. Ms. Nhu said: 2012 is an important milestone for Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology, with the attention of Zarubezhneft Vietnam Company (formerly Rosneft Vietnam Company) and partners in the Lot. 06.1 – Indian Oil and Gas Company ONGC Videsh and Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group PetroVietnam.

School leaders, representatives of sponsors, guests and students took souvenir photos

The school has received special sponsorship from businesses. Over the past 9 years with a total budget of 440 thousand USD, the school has trained and improved welding skills, technological pipe installation, and industrial electricity for 440 technicians.

With the trust of our sponsors, the school absolutely complies with its commitments, ensuring the quality of human resource training. This has helped technicians have solid vocational skills, be confident in their foreign language proficiency, become highly skilled practical engineers and hold important positions in the oil and gas sector as well as several other fields. This is a very meaningful and practical job for human resources of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province in general and BCTech students in particular.

Principal Truong Huynh Nhu hopes that students graduating from this program will develop their abilities, apply learned knowledge and skills, and contribute to the development of industry in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province as well as the economy. Vietnam industry.

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