BR-VT College of Technology: Efforts to overcome difficulties to protect achievements

Date Submitted: 27/10/2021

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic causing teachers and students of Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology to practice online, there is no standard practice machine with parameters of the upcoming National Vocational Skills Exam 2021, but teachers and students The school is trying its best, trying to overcome obstacles to protect the achievement of the medals of Refrigeration and CNC Milling that have been won in previous exams.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Quang and contestant Nguyen Ngoc Hoang – won bronze at the National Vocational Skills Competition 2020

As expected, there is just over a month left until the 12th National Vocational Skills Exam. Taking part in this exam, Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of and Technology (BCTECH) has 2 candidates. participated in 2 professions: CNC Milling and Refrigeration.

Teachers and candidate Nguyen Ngoc Hoang – Refrigeration – bronze medal at the National Vocational Skills Competition 2020

The social distancing due to the Covid-19 epidemic makes the practice of teachers and students not much time for face-to-face interaction when constantly having to exchange online.

Meanwhile, teaching and learning practical skills directly is the fastest way to help students master professional skills.

However, the trainers and candidates of BCTECH are still diligently reviewing every day to prepare for the competition.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thu – instructor training candidate Nguyen Van Trong for CNC Milling said that the CNC Milling profession will have 2 parts: design and machining. Nguyen Van Trong is a contestant that the school has a lot of expectations for when he has just won a bronze medal in the profession of Mold Making in the mock competition of the World Vocational Skills Competition. Nguyen Van Trong’s potential in CNC Milling is also great, completely competing for a medal at the upcoming National Skills Competition.

In order to ensure the safety of disease prevention and control, candidates are arranged to live and study at school during the period of social distancing, lecturers must interact and guide practical tests on computers via online form.

In addition, the biggest difficulty now is that the school’s practical machine system is different from the one that will be used in the upcoming exam.

Candidates for CNC Milling job have not had access to the right machine for the category of the competition

“As a rule, candidates will have at least 3 hours before the exam to get used to the machine system, but the difference in operating method between the machine being practiced and the machine of the competition may make the contestants awkward, difficult to catch the fast pace. In order for candidates not to be surprised with the contest’s computer system, they must have access to it one month before the exam… If the Covid-19 epidemic showed signs of positive change sooner, these restrictions will be completely overcome when the school has a connection with the host organization, Vinh Long University. At that time, the contestants will get acquainted with and operate the contest’s machine system, helping them to develop their skills to the fullest, “-teacher Nguyen Quang Thu shared.

Talking about this obstacle, although a little worried, Nguyen Van Trong is still quite confident: “Although it has not been practiced on the machine system used in the National Vocational Skills Exam, basically how it works They are all the same, only the operating system is different. The school is also making great efforts to find and connect with units that have CNC Milling machines VF-3 HAAS, VF-2 HAAS (the machine system officially used at the exam) so that I can have good practice conditions. best”.

With the profession of Refrigeration, Mr. Nguyen Duy Quang – a lecturer who once coached candidates to win bronze medals said: “Towards the 12th National Vocational Skill Period, the task of teachers and students of the Technical College of Technology. Ba Ria – Vung Tau will make every effort to continue to protect the school’s common achievements in the past.

The fact that Refrigeration teachers and students can only practice online makes the skills of the candidates not mature

Although there are many difficulties and challenges ahead due to the significant impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic, teachers and students are all at home, connecting online to learn knowledge and delve deeply into the exam questions. Student Le Thanh Cong, representative of the school’s Refrigeration candidate will participate in this exam.

Unlike the CNC Milling profession, which requires you to go to a practical workshop to have a machine, Cong was instructed by Mr. Quang to buy old Refrigeration equipment and take it home and perform disassembly and reassembly.

However, according to Mr. Quang, although teachers and students still regularly interact and practice via online form, the lack of direct instructions makes candidates’ practical skills still not mature, solving problems that are difficult to solve. The exam questions are often given with a lack of confidence even though they have a strong grasp of the theory.

Meanwhile, commenting on this year’s exam questions, Mr. Quang said that there will be a difference compared to previous exams because of its applicability to reality.

That is the biggest difficulty that teachers and students must find a way to overcome in order to achieve high results in the upcoming exam. However, he has established a workshop affiliated with refrigeration companies so that his students have more places and modern machines to practice, avoid knowledge abrasion and earn extra income during their studies. If the epidemic situation is resolved soon, this will also be a place for teachers and students to directly practice to prepare for the exam to achieve the best results.

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