Job Code: 6520227
Training time: 3 years (6 semesters)
Forms of training: Formal
Admission form: Admission
Enrollment object: High school graduate or equivalent
Tuition: 18,700,000 VND/school year (10 months)


Job Code: 5520227
Training time: 2 years (4 semesters)
Forms of training: Formal
Admission form: Admission
Enrollment object: High school graduate or higher or equivalent
Tuition: Free tuition for students graduating from secondary school to continue to high school


The Industrial Electrical profession plays a role of stabilizing and developing the power transmission system to serve industrial production, agriculture, trade and service activities, and the Industrial Electrical profession designs and constructs the power transmission system. , ensure stable power transmission throughout the system, connect the production system, operate industrial electrical machines and other power-using systems. Graduates are able to:

  • Installation and connection of civil and industrial power supply systems.
  • Installation and connection of industrial signal transmission systems.
  • Install, connect, program and operate LPC programming equipment.
  • Install and test electric actuators.
  • Install and test pneumatic control equipment.
  • Operation and Maintenance of industrial electrical equipment.
  • Repair and maintenance of AC motors and small capacity transformers.

Training content

  • Design and read drawings in civil and industrial electrical systems.
  • Installation and use of electrical measuring instruments, operation and maintenance of the grid system.
  • Design and construction of civil and industrial lighting systems.
  • Repair of single-phase and 3-phase AC motors, transformers, installation and repair of electrical control and power cabinets systems in industry.
  • Design and program basic PLC systems using S7 200 and S7 300, design and install pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control systems.
  • Advanced PLC programming design using PLC S7 1200 or PLC S7 1500.
  • Install lightning protection system, automatic fire alarm system, smart lighting system, install ATS cabinet.
  • Repair of universal motors, AC generator systems.
  • Repair and install electrical circuits for machine tools such as milling machines, planers, lathes, grinders, etc…
  • Calculating and designing electric drive systems; have the ability to be creative, apply modern techniques and technologies to work, guide and supervise other people in the team performing the work.

Job position

  • Apply to companies and enterprises with industrial production activities.
  • Working at factories, construction, installation and power production companies.
  • Working at businesses, shops dealing in refrigeration and industrial electrical equipment.
  • Working in the management, operation and maintenance department of the industrial power network.
  • Specialist in operation and maintenance of industrial power networks within the company.

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