• M.S. Vo Van Thuan – Head of Dep.

  • M.S. Le Phuoc Trieu – Deputy Head of Dep.

  • Hotline: (0254) 3.654.420

  • Mr. Thuan – Tel:0915.632.854 – Email:

  • Mr. Trieu – Tel: 0919.489.389 – Email:

Function - Task

  • Build up and organize implementation of annual and long – term professional education plan of the university  ;
  • Make plan and organize programs, manuals and materials;
  • Plan and organize entrance exams, graduation exams, recognize and grant professional certificate and diploma;
  • Organize implementation and management of professional education and training duration;
  • Manage tests and exams under regulations;
  • Cooperate with other functional offices, constructional department and organize implementation of professional refresher course to teachers.
  • Manage students;
  • Implement political and thought education for students;
  • Propose rewards and discipline to students;
  • Manage and keep orders of student dormitory;
  • Manage student documents;
  • Inspect and supervise implementation of saving and against waste of student in the theoretical rooms and dormitory.
  • Maintain study order and discipline of students;
  • Weekly collect proposal opinions and suggestions from students and submit to the principle board for consideration and guidance on solution;
  • Weekly organize saluting the flag;
  • Plan and maintain working activities for students;
  • Implement training missions including: making schedule on tasks of training, teaching and learning, professional practice; monitor, summarize and evaluate quality of professional training activities; make statistics and report under regulations of Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs, higher management agency and the Principle .
  • Implement missions under assignment of the Principle.