• M.S. Le An Tinh – Head of Dep.

  • B.S. Le Van Hai – Deputy Head of Dep.


Function – Task

  • Build testing programme under regulations of the school and Professional Education Directorate;
  • Preside and advise the Principle on issuing management texts, test – exam process; guide testing task, follow and inspect implementation of texts on testing task after issued;
  • Supervise building and management of bank of practice, foreword, oral and test for modules and subjects of the school;
  • Cooperate with related units in organization of final test for modules/ subjects, graduation exam and reexamination;
  • Innovate in testing and examining tasks.
  • Propose and equip necessary technical means serving test organization, test marking and result evaluation process.
  • Inspect and learn from experience on school testing task ;
  • Support the Principle in deployment of policy, legal texts on task of quality guarantee;
  • Advise the Principle for implementing contents on professional education quality guarantee under quality evaluation criteria issued by Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs;
  • Direct and organize implementation of task contents, material accumulation and being evidence serving self-evaluation task and quality verification programme of Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs;
  • Preside and cooperate with other units in implementation of quality management task according to the standard TCVN ISO 9001:2008 in the school;
  • Participate in professional training or improvement course on quality guarantee task;
  • Evaluate and learn from experience on quality guarantee task;
  • Perform inspections and surveys serving quality guarantee task of the school;
  • Implement other tasks under assignment of the Principle.