• M.S. Le Huy Cuong – Director

  • M.S. Duong Ngoc Lan – Vice Director

  • Mr. Cuong – Tel: 0908.827.323 – Email:

  • Mrs. Lan – Tel: 0908.845.424 – Email:

Function - Task

  • Managing scientific research topics at all levels.
  • Instructing officials, lecturers and students to carry out scientific research tasks.
  • Coordinating with departments to develop technology transfer plans, results of scientific research applied in teaching and production.
  • Monitoring, urging and inspecting the progress of implementation scientific research works.
  • Receiving the products of the school. Store and manage of documents and records in the field of scientific research.
  • Participating in the establishment of relationships, cooperation in the field of science and technology. Organize conferences and seminars according to the school’s functions and duties.
  • Participating in activities and carry out other tasks as assigned by the Principle.
  • Consulting, supporting and connecting the ideas for teachers and students to do business and start up.