Opening the Graduation Exam Part 1 of international college classes according to the program of the Federal Republic of Germany

Date Submitted: 25/04/2022

On the morning of April 25, 2022, BR-VT College of Engineering and Technology held the Opening Ceremony of the Part 1 Graduation Exam for pilot training classes in welding and metal cutting. international level college degree under the transfer program from Germany.

German experts, school leaders, businesses, teachers and students attended the opening ceremony

Attending the exam were 31 students from 2 pilot training classes for welding and metal cutting at college level. In which, there are 16 metal cutting students and 15 welding students. In this exam, candidates participate in 2 content, including theory and practice. In the morning of April 25, all students took the theory test, the time for the welding profession was 45 minutes, the metal cutting profession was 90 minutes. Next, the practical exam with welding was held on April 26, and the metal cutting profession from May 2 to 5.

Students of the pilot training classes for welding and metal cutting at college level under the transfer program from Germany to take part in the Theory exam Graduation exam part 1

It is known that since the end of 2018, the General Department of Vocational Education and Training has cooperated with AVESTOS Group – a leading prestigious corporation in Germany on training and developing high-quality human resources, and organized pilot training. 22 key international occupations transferred from Germany with a total of 66 classes at 45 colleges across the country. In which, BR-VT College of Engineering and Technology is trusted to choose and order two key occupations: Welding and Metal Cutting. During the training period, students of key occupations will take part in two important exams, part 1 graduation exam and final exam (expected to take place in June 2023). When students graduate, they are granted two degrees: a diploma from a Vietnamese college and a diploma from Germany (equivalent to level 4 according to the German National Qualifications Framework). Graduates are given priority to introduce jobs at domestic and foreign enterprises with high income.

German experts, leaders of schools, businesses, teachers and students take souvenir photos

The pilot training program under the transfer program from Germany is an important task assigned by the Prime Minister, as well as the task of implementing one of the three strategic breakthroughs that the Resolution of the National Congress of Deputies XIII of the Party has proposed.

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