• MA. Le Trung Chau – Center Manager

  • Hotline:(0254) 3551138
  • Mr. Chau – Tel: 0908.429.890 – Email:

Function - Task

  • Train and improve labour in the field of logistics and supporting Industry, improve professional knowledge, practice skills, professional working skills; provide services relating Logistics and Supporting Industry under regulation of the Law.
  • Train and improve human resource specializing in Logistics and Supporting Industry and solf skill serving development of high quality human resource;
  • Organize in building and implementation of professional teaching programs, manuals and materials for approved career education and under Law regulation.
  • Support in career education, especially in the professional field of: port management – operation, marine transportation, international transport exchange service, multimode transportation, inventory service, distribution center, supply chain management; manufacturing mechanism; electricity – electronic, automation, Industrial Chemical – Materials;
  • Provide Logistics and Supporting Industry services, train and transfer new technology in the field of Logistics and Supporting Industry;
  • Introduce career, provide human resource to business of logistics and industry in province, Southern main economic zone and throughout the country;
  • Joint and connect with organizations and individuals to operate services appropriate to function and task meeting demand of society under Law regulation;
  • Sign and execute contracts relating to function and task of the center under Law regulation;
  • Be eligible to collect fees and use collecting source under Law regulation ;
  • Manage organization, human resource and finance of the Center under Law regulation;
  • Implement regulation of reporting to Ba Ria – Vung Tau Vocational College and competent authorities under regulation;
  • Implement other tasks relating to function of the Center assigned the Principle of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Vocational College.