• M.S. Tran Quoc Tuan –Head of Dep.

  • B.S. Le Trung Chau –Deputy Head of Dep.

  • B.S. Nguyen Cong Tam –Deputy Head of Dep.

  • Hotline: (0254) 3.654.419
  • Mr. Tuan – Tel: 0986.413.366 – Email:

  • Mr. Chau – Tel: 0908.429.890 – Email:

  • Mr. Tam – Tel: 0918.498.042 – Email:

Function - Task

  • Implement cadre organizational tasks  ;
  • Manage school infrastructure;
  • Protect assets, keep orders, safety and internal security in the school ;
  • Implement stationary and storage tasks;
  • Arrange and manage accommodations for teachers in the collective zone of the school;
  • Facilitate works of the Principle, Vice Principle and other Boards;
  • Follow and inspect working time and behaviors of office cadres and staffs;
  • Manage and operate school cars;
  • Manage library, switchboard and medical establishment;
  • Manage school equipment;
  • Provide materials and equipment timely according to quality, type, brand, price and specification;
  • Organize and execute production and other service activities of professional departments after students finish their practice;
  • Make records for following training materials and equipment;
  • Take inventory, evaluate assets, equipment and tools of school;
  • Inspect and supervise implementation of saving and against waste in the school;
  • Implement other tasks under assignment of the Principle.