Handover ceremony of BCTech Bakery Project sponsored by KOICA to Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology

Date Submitted: 09/10/2020

On the morning of October 8, 2020, BR-VT College of Technology (BCTECH) held a handover ceremony of the BCTech Bakery Project sponsored by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Attending the ceremony were the presence of leaders of KOICA Vietnam, representatives of leaders of departments, branches and businesses in the province.

Overview of the ceremony

Final report on the project of establishing BCTech Bakery, MSc. Ngo Xuan Khoat, Vice Rector of the school said: BCTech Bakery project is sponsored by KOICA, this is a project by Dr. Park Dong Jin, a volunteer sent by KOICA to support BR-Tech College of Technology. VT develops the food technology industry, combined with the school to successfully build and defend against KOICA. On April 10, 2019, KOICA announced the approval of the KOICA-VO-19-1254 Project, agreeing to sponsor modern equipment for BCTech Bakery with an equivalent funding of 39,300 USD. At the same time, sending volunteer Kang Sumi to support the school in baking expertise and techniques to prepare for the reception, operation and use of the bakery.

After being approved by KOICA for funding, the project was implemented with the purchase of 82 equipment and tools with USD 37,734. In addition, in order to fully complete the equipment, the school has invested in the purchase of some other necessary tools and equipment with the amount of more than 213 million VND. In December 2019, the school repaired and upgraded the factory on the basis of the existing building B with the funding provided by the Provincial People’s Committee to prepare for the receipt and installation of equipment, the location of the bakery is located at Ground floor of building B of campus 2 of the school. After the workshop was repaired, experts, schools and equipment suppliers quickly organized the installation of equipment and tools; organize training, transfer technology to use equipment for lecturers, complete by February 2020. On October 1, 2020, the Provincial People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 10782/UBND Provincial-VP agreeing to let the school receive equipment for the BCTech Bakery Project sponsored by KOICA.

To put the bakery into operation, the school actively assigned the Faculty of Food Technology & Fashion Garment to directly manage, exploit, use, and arrange 2 experienced personnel directly in charge of the specialty. subjects and techniques; design a training program on baking techniques to train students and people in need; Researching products to produce for schools and communities. Starting from September 2020, the school uses the bakery for specific human resource training activities, including: training of specialized subjects and modules. major for students who are majoring in food processing, food processing at TC and College level; used for students to practice, participate in production to improve vocational skills…

Mr. Cho Han-Deog, Country Director, KOICA Vietnam office believes that the bakery, which is invested in modern equipment and technology that meets HACCP standards, will actively contribute to the training of baking profession and improve the quality of the cake. high standards of local culinary culture. He believes that the school will use and operate the bakery well, motivating young people in the province who love baking to study and improve their skills. He hopes that KOICA will continue to cooperate and support the school to develop more fields not only baking, food technology.

Mr. Cho Han-Deog, Country Director, KOICA Vietnam office spoke at the ceremony

At the ceremony, Mr. Truong Huynh Nhu, Rector of the school thanked the good feelings, valuable, meaningful and very practical contributions in spirit and material that KOICA and Dr. Park Dong Jin personally gave to the school. Sponsored by a bakery with modern equipment according to Korean standards, it will help the school improve its capacity, expand its scale and diversify its training professions; helping students and workers in the province have many opportunities to learn jobs at schools; helping teachers and students of the school access and learn on modern Korean bakery equipment, technology and processes, thereby contributing to improving the quality of human resource training for the development socio-economic development of the province.

At the ceremony, the representative of KOICA Vietnam awarded the certificate of sponsorship to BCTech. At the same time, the delegates cut the inauguration ribbon and visited the BCTech Bakery.

Mr. Cho Han-Deog, Country Director, KOICA Vietnam office awarded the grant certificate to MSc. Truong Huynh Nhu, Principal of the school

Some pictures taken at the ceremony:

Delegates and guests attending the ceremony

Delegates, guests, school leaders take souvenir photos

Ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate BCTech Bakery

Delegates, guests visit the bakery

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