• BA. Truong Le Minh – Center Manager

  • Mrs. Minh – Tel:0906.626.179 – Email:

Function - Task

  • Organize training for students to gain standard Foreign Language – Informatics level under regulation .
  • Train and improve professional level of cadres and teachers of the Center;
  • Enroll students learning foreign language and informatics and organize examination and grant diploma for students having completed the program under regulation;
  • Find out demand of neighbor and local enterprises and units in order to open foreign language and informatics course serving professional task;
  • Connect with other foreign language and informatics centers to organize training, improving, examining and granting foreign language, informatics and telecommunication technology diploma;
  • Summarize and report after each examination, grant diploma under school regulation and organize summarization and learn from experience on organization and operation, send the report to the School for following and directing under regulation;
  • Manage finance and assets of the Center under school and law regulation.
  • Implement other tasks under school and law regulation.