• M.A. Nguyen Thi My Dung – Head of office

  • B.S. Nguyen Lam – Deputy Head of office

  • Hotline: (0254) 3.691.064
  • Mrs. Dung – Tel : 0907.187.935 – Email:

  • Mr. Lam – Tel: 0937.996.797 – Email:

Function - Task

  • Responsible for propagandising, popularizing image, developing brand of the school through media channels;
  • Actively seek competent, prestigious and cooperation goodwill organizations and individuals in the field of education, recruitment, science research, production service,… in order to suggest making relationship to the Principle ;
  • Plan and organize to welcome domestic association visiting and working with the school. Ensure accommodation, convenience and care for guests during the time of working at the school. Prepare essential conditions for the executive committee’s business trip;
  • Do import and export procedures and transfer international guests; support in related procedure for foreign teachers and student in the duration of working at the school; follow and evaluate working result and learn from experience to advise the Principle;
  • Ask permission for organizing conference, science seminar, international learning activities. Cooperate with functional units in organization of conference, science seminar, international learning activities;
  • Build and deploy programe of learning exchanges with partners;
  • Cooperate related divisions in and out the school in building and developing cooperation relation appropriate growth characteristics and orientation, guide and help departments in international relation development;
  • Receive, compile, translate and send materials, letters, emails serving general international relation activities of the school;
  • Consult career and make statistics on resource demand and introduce employer;
  • Maintain contact and relation with former students, make survey and statistics on career of former students;
  • Promote cooperation activities to support students in profession and soft-skill training ;
  • Implement other tasks under assignment of the Principle.