• B.S. Hoang Duc Thien – Head of Dep.

  • B.S. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu – Deputy Head of Dep.

  • Hotline: (0254) 3.816.421
  • Mr. Thien – tel :0937.566.869 – Email:

  • Mrs. Thu – tel : 0168.7161.462 – Email:

Function - Tasks

  • Implement finance – Account tasks under regulations of the Law and School Internal Expenses Regulation;
  • Plan of management on financial receipts and expenses;
  • Supervise trade in school materials and equipment;
  • Participate in making inventory, evaluating assets, equipment and tools of the school;
  • Inspect and supervise implementation of saving and against waste in the school;
  • Guide financial payment procedure to departments, cadres, teachers and staffs in the school;
  • Monthly make financial statement publicly;
  • Implement payment for cadres, teachers and staffs in school under regulated duration;
  • Manage and preserve office equipment;
  • Manage materials and equipment entering the school storage;
  • Implement other tasks under assignment of the Principle.