On November 23rd 2017, representatives of Harada Sangyou and Home Deco companies came and surveyed the fashion garment workers at Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology (BCTECH).

Representatives of Harada Sangyou organization visited the fashion workshop

At the meeting, Harada Sangyou representatives said that they wanted to order the college for enrollment and training students according to the company’s requirements. The company will provide experts working with teachers to train students, then recruit them to work officially.

Representatives of Harada Sangyou company visited the fashion workshop

Representatives of Home Deco Company said that the company is preparing to invest in the factory in Phu My 3 Industrial Park (BR-VT province) with modern equipment and textile machineries. The company wishes to recruit garment, electrical and mechanical students and send them to Japan for training, then they will become the core labor of the factory in BR-VT province.

The scene of the meeting

Mr. Le Duy Cau, President of Ba Ria – Vung Tau College of Technology, asked Japanese organizations for their specific recruitment plans so the college can create enrollment and training plans carefully and become ready to provide a high qualitied human resource for Japanese businesses when they invest to Vietnam.

Japanese business delegation took a photo with the college board of management

After the survey, Japanese companies will set recruitment plans and will have specific discussions with the college later.